New BMW R1300GS



The R1300 GS, BMW Motorrad’s much awaited introduction, finally has a teaser image available. The company hasn’t previously discussed this bike on social media in an official capacity.

The motorcycle is riding on water in this preview image, and the splash has mostly covered the vehicle. However, the photograph does provide us with some details. The new R1300 GS has significantly less visual heft than the previous model, as evidenced by spy photos of the vehicle, and this is also apparent in the teaser image. Both the motorcycle and the body’s overall dimensions have shrunk significantly.

There are rumors that the new R1300 GS will have liquid cooling and produce more power and torque than the present model, although the precise increase of those numbers isn’t yet known. The motorcycle’s current generation model has a peak torque output of 143Nm and 134.1bhp.

Cast aluminum is used throughout the construction of the new R1300 GS, including the swingarm, subframe, and other parts. This may have been done to lighten the bike’s total load and increase its maneuverability. The most recent innovations, like blind-spot recognition, cornering lights, and radar-based cruise control, are also anticipated to be included in this new BMW.

On September 28, the new BMW R1300 GS will be unveiled, and sales are anticipated to begin shortly after. The bike will arrive in the Indian market in the latter part of this year or in the first quarter of 2024; when it does, anticipate a price increase over the existing model.




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