Fezzari Explorer

Fezzari Explorer Peak E-Bike 2023


Fezzari Explorer

Fezzari Explorer: The fat-tire e-bike gets a full-carbon frame and a Shimano motor.

Utah-based electric bicycle manufacturer Fezzari has just unveiled its newest model. Dubbed the Explorer Peak, this fat-tire-equipped all-terrain e-bike packs a rugged design which accentuates its go-anywhere nature. Apart, of course, from its styling, the e-bike is touted as a thoroughly capable machine packing componentry from some of the most respected brands in the industry.

To start with, the Fezzari Explorer Peak is built around a full-carbon frame designed to keep the weight low, and durability high. It’s powered by one of the most tried and tested e-bike motors, Shimano’s EP systems. The Comp model is fitted with the Shimano EP601 motor, while the Elite version takes things up a notch with the EP801. Fezzari ditches the Shimano battery in favor of a higher-capacity Darfon unit with 720-watt-hours of juice. Furthermore, Fezzari says that an 835-watt–hour upgrade will be offered, as well.

It’s more than likely that Fezzari opted for the Darfon battery packs, as Shimano’s 630-watt-hour power packs might just not be enough for Fezzari’s adventurous clientele. On top of that, the bike’s all-terrain nature means it’s intended to be ridden in all sorts of weather, and smaller batteries don’t usually take too kindly to cold weather.

In terms of equipment, the Fezzari Explorer Peak e-bikes roll on Sun-Ringle Muleful SL wheels shod in Maxxis Colossues tires measuring 27.5 by 4.5 inches. The bike gets a rigid fork, as the fat tires are more than enough when it comes to providing shock absorption. Nevertheless, for those who seek a more rugged ride, there’s an optional upgrade to the Manitou Mastodon fat-tire suspension fork.


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