Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X

Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X


Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X

Xiaomi is known for a wide variety of products other than smartphones. It is also one of the leading wearable brands.

The company sells different types of smartwatches, including a series targeted at kids. But this lineup largely remains exclusive to China.

Xiaomi’s kids smartwatch series uses ‘Mitu’ branding. According to a finding, the company will soon introduce a new model in the lineup.

An upcoming Xiaomi wearable for kids has been spotted in the IMEI database by Xiaomiui. As per the listing, this product bears model number MTSB25XUN and will be officially called Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X.

As the name suggests, it will be the successor of the Xiaomi Mitu Kids Smartwatch 6X from 2022. But unfortunately, the listing does not reveal anything about the device.

Given that the wearable has been listed in the IMEI database, it should have cellular connectivity, like the previous models. This will enable the wearers to make audio/video calls to parents/guardians, chat via WeChat/QQ, update real-time location, and more.

We can expect the product to have a sturdy design and come in attractive colors. It should be water-resistant and feature a camera and a microphone.

Going by its predecessor, the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X should also offer educational apps, contactless payment support, basic workout modes, and more. This device will likely be announced quietly via social media.


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