RDX box office

RDX box office collections day 1


RDX box office

RDX box office: Mollywood’s action-packed extravaganza, ‘RDX’, has set the box office ablaze with an explosive debut, reportedly crossing the coveted Rs 1 crore mark on its very first day of release. This thrilling cinematic offering, boasting a star-studded ensemble featuring Antony Varghese, Shane Nigam, and Neeraj Madhav, and skillfully directed by debutant Nahas Hidayath, has sent ripples of excitement through the industry.

Evidently, ‘RDX’ has struck a chord with audiences, as reflected in its impressive opening-day collections. Reports indicate that the film has amassed a commendable Rs 1.30 crore in just its initial hours, signaling a promising journey ahead for the movie in the Kerala box office arena.

RDX box office: Unleashed onto the screens last day, RDX has wasted no time in making a resounding impact. Garnering positive reviews and generating buzz among audiences, the film’s reception has exceeded expectations, with many lauding it as one of the finest action movies to emerge from Mollywood. In particular, the work of acclaimed stunt choreographer Anbariv has drawn applause for adding an electrifying dimension to the film’s adrenaline-packed sequences.

At the heart of the film’s success lies the riveting performance of actor Babu Antony, whose portrayal has captured the collective imagination of viewers. His stellar acting prowess and on-screen presence have emerged as one of the standout elements of RDX, enhancing its overall appeal.

The fervor surrounding RDX is a testament to the power of enthralling storytelling, innovative direction, and captivating performances. As this action-packed saga continues to captivate audiences, it stands as a shining example of Mollywood’s ability to craft engaging cinema that resonates deeply with viewers.

RDX box office: The success of the debutant Nahas Hidayath’s film marks the fact that ‘RDX’ surely is the Onam winner this time. As RDX propels forward, all eyes are on its trajectory, eagerly anticipating the milestones it’s set to achieve and the excitement it will undoubtedly continue to generate within the realm of Mollywood and beyond.


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