Eyespa Spa Massager 

Eyespa Spa Massager 2023


The final warm Eyespa Spa Massager and ice rubdown masks for you. Instantly heats as much as 114°F (46°C) or cools right all the way down to 59°F (15°C) in seconds, it presents you on spot rest and pores and skin care each day. With unique vibration and cushioning technology, eyeSpa revolutionizes facial rubdown at your home.

Most humans get their first impact of you via way of means of searching at your face. This is why your face, mainly the T-Zone, is really well worth being concerned for. eyeSpa is the primary rubdown mask that gives each moisturizing warm spa in addition to ice rubdown. With our superior heating and cooling tech, Eyespa Spa Massager can heat as much as 114°F (46°C) or cool right all the way down to 59°F (15°C) in simple seconds

. Combined with a quiet vaporizer that provides moisture to the pores and skin, it’s going to repair your eyes and pores, and skin in only 10 minutes. Enjoy each warmness and funky remedy cycle designed via way of means of specialists to alleviate your pores and skin, strain and temper to put together for the following day!


ICHS, aka Instant Cooling and Heating System, is what we name our thermal conductive device. Using top rate stainless-steel with excessive thermal conductivity and reflectivity, the device controls the temperature appropriately and precisely. By effectively dissipating heat, short but snug cooling and heating come right now with the rush of a button!You can alter the temperature inside simply seconds. You can use it immediately and no pre-jogging is needed.

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Heating – Cooling of Eyespa Spa Massager

– up to 110-114 °F  

-up to 59 -65  °F 

EyeSpa has controlled to in shape a virtual heater, cooler, vaporizer and vibrator unexpectedly regardless of its tiny size. This manner rather of getting to shop for more than one rubdown mask or to improvise, you could revel in all types of remedies with simply eyeSpa. Heating is optimized at 110-114°F (43-46°C), whilst cooling is at 59-65°F (15-18°C). The machine will hold the temperature regular irrespective of room temperature.

Dynamic Pulsing Vibration

DPV is what we have introduced for eyeSpa. Developed from the common pulse vibration generator, the control on DPV is digitally enhanced so that the pulsing is dynamically variable, making the actual effect closer to a massage done by the hands of a real massage therapist. This will allow your body to relax and enter a self-restoring stage sooner.

Relax improve your Sleep :

Getting a heat rub down with eyeSpa will raise your blood circulation, supporting your personal frame to restore itself sooner. This is powerful to maximum ache, sore or minor pores and skin situations you’ve got got withinside the vicinity the masks is located over. The vaporizer will increase moisture to the on the spot vicinity, stopping pores and skin harm from dry abrasion.

Getting a mild rub down above room temperature is an powerful manner to enhance sleep. eyeSpa has a micro vibration generator constructed inside, capable of offer an powerful rub down but makes no noise that would have an effect on your sleep. eyeSpa will close off routinely after a remedy has been done, requiring no more attention.

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eyeSpa helps saving the Planet. The eyeSpa team is concerned about the damage done by the use of disposable eye masks. By switching to Eyespa Spa Massager , you eyes will stay in peak condition without creating the carbon footprint and waste associated with disposable masks. eyeSpa uses only a small amount of fresh water for each process, and disposes no harmful material after use. A regular use will reduce hundreds of disposable eye masks and packaging from being dumped.

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